Pietro Ballerini Puviani

Pietro Ballerini Puviani


Chris Morgan, an officer of the U.S. Navy, had never considered important to be a descendant of Henry Morgan, the most famous privateer. But when he, together with two other comrades in arms, is taken to military court and expelled from the Navy Seal with disgrace, his memory of the ancient blood bond with this ancestor reappears. Although a fantasy novel, “The Pirate’s Blood” contains many references to piracy incidents that recently have occurred, expecially in Somalia’s waters and surrounding areas. What if a cruising ship – with two thousand passengers on board – would be taken by suicide muslim pirates, aimed to use a nuclear weapon? This novel takes an in-depth look at a current phenomenon through gripping realistic scenarios. Copyright (for italian language) sold to Mursia.


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Pietro Ballerini Puviani
30 giugno 2009

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